We are able to provide different experiences for those after a portrait photographer. Our portrait photography services include corporate headshots, Linked-In profile head-shots, family portraits and portraits for couples. We offer a personalised service where we can shoot in various on-site locations or in a home-studio at your place or ours.

The first step in your unique process is our unique Planning Consultation! Get ready because we are about to discover your inner awesome! Over the phone, we take the time to understand the intricacies about you and your relationship with those you love. It’s super important to us! We want to hear your favourite stories, the littlest details (which are often the biggest details!), and most treasured moments with those closest to you and use those ideas as inspiration for your photographic shoot.

Whether your family is an outgoing and a little crazy, shy and reserved, or a bit of both and everything in between, we want to capture your family with all the character and nuances that make you YOU! We will also explore the display products that would best compliment your home, and make suggestions based on your tastes and the emotions captured. This will give you a realistic expectations on prices for personalised wall art.

Your Photographic Experience session is all about creating an environment in which your family can thrive! Our sessions take place in the places that meant the most to you; your cozy living room, your favourite cafe or restaurant, or maybe the place you fell in love. We are committed to telling YOUR story! We ask that you trust us as professionals who are setting you up to be the most beautiful you during our time photographing together; photographing you at your best is specialised work, and we LOVE it!

Within one week of your photography session, we will return to your home to reveal your photographs in a personalised Design Consultation. This is where all the hard work and preparation come together, but don’t worry, we will guide you through this incredible experience, so you can sit back, relax and enjoy your photos! We keep tissues on hand for this part — it’s frequently an emotional experience!

We will present 30–40 of your most captivating images in a cinematic slideshow on your very own walls so you will be able to see your creations in the context of your home! Then we will work together to create customised Wall Art from our various display products. Through this incredible experience you can have memories and all their emotions and meaning beautifully displayed on your walls for you and your family to enjoy every day!